Target Advice: Dr. Pozner on Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Harassment (Mirror)

Organized Stalking Survival: Gang stalking is a form of community mobbing and organised stalki…

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25 Responses to Target Advice: Dr. Pozner on Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized Harassment (Mirror)

  1. ConnieAndZiggy says:

    Some advice given here, is bad in opinion. Following a routine and carrying
    a smart phone makes it easier for perps to gangstalk you. The gangstalkers
    will use your electronics on you and in your home to target you. The most
    important thing is to remediate your environment by reducing and
    eliminating electromagnetic radiation, frequencies and pulsed radio waves.
    Next, use shielding for yourself and any electronics (wrap in aluminum foil
    or use some other blocker). Use child protective plugs covered with foil
    tape or aluminum in your outlets including unused open surge protector
    outlets. Unplug electronics and remove batterie from devices and
    electronics when not in use. Remove your smart meter. Detach coaxial cable
    at wall when not in use. Use frequency blockers and/or harmonizes when
    possible. Be careful of any bright lights entering your home from outside
    at night. I found pulsed lasers coming through in the middle of the night.
    Protect your eyes and brain by wearing sunglasses. 

  2. Luke Grizzly says:

    I have been a victim of telepathic terror for nearly ten months now.
    The group of men doing this are homosexuals(I am straight) from Milwaukee’s
    eastside. They refer to another as David(Dave), Tony, James(Jason), Eric,
    Mike, and Jimmy. They are self-professed satanists, rapists, child
    molesters, serial killers, and/or skinshifters(not shape, but into people
    they have murdered). They claim to be of assistance to Jeffery Dahmer in
    his time. They also claim that some of their local law enforcement and
    somepeople from a false(satanic) church of Christ, are supporting their
    I do not know how much of what they tell me is true, however I have
    seen and been though a lot this past year. They have intercepted all my
    calls and mail to the FBI and/or the United States Marshal’s office. The
    homosexuals claim that my head is different than most, that they can “use
    it” to brainwash/mind control almost anyone. I witnessed them doing it
    during visits to Milwaukee’s FBI field office. I have left the area, yet
    they travel close to me.
    I am perfectly sane, I know telepathy does exist. I am not yet a
    telepath. I have never read a mind or have been able to work with a
    telepath, so I could learn to veil my thoughts. I telepathically spoke
    very briefly to a tall man last summer, however these homosexuals keep
    insisting that he was not a human. My telepathic abilites have been
    somehow disabled by these intruders. I know my voice has been muted and my
    hearing/vision is blocked from all other telepaths.
    The terrorists claim that I am a supernatural human being(I do know
    they are deathly afraid of me). They claim that I have been a person of
    interest to the FBI and the CIA since I was seventeen. In all my many
    years, I have never even gotten a parking ticket, let alone arrested(until
    my recent false arrest in Milwaukee).
    These terrorists have been doing what they call “skin-crawling” in
    me. I know it sounds completely crazy, but until it happens to you, you
    probably would not believe it. It is movement under my skin, they claim
    that they are trying to total mind control/body possess me. They have
    physically attempted to cause great harm to me. I know for a fact that
    they have drugged me multiple times. One of them claimed that the only
    thing that would slow me down was being shot with silver nitraite bullets.
    I think and hope that whatever evil force they will someday have to
    answer to, will seek them out, sooner rather than later. I believe that
    they are trying to “camp out in” or use me, to try and cheat death itself.
    I do not know what else to do to rid myself of them. Until I do my life is
    very miserable.

  3. Dan Williams says:

    Document everything! Post much of it online, take photographs, they want to
    hide in the dark, but roaches do not like the light shined on them and
    usually run and hide. Hindsight, did have some neighbors I did trust
    although I did not know them, long hours graveyard shift, almost
    impossible, ask them to watch your place, maintenence men, cable, phone
    going in while you are at work or sleeping. Drop baggies of sugar next to
    their cars, if someone, security guard is not involved in gangstalking may
    call in, despite being harmless, they will be on the record, might look
    like cocaine, but just sugar. Gangstalkers cannot handle it without backup,
    take pictures of them, fair is fair in love and war and that is what they
    have done to you. Some will drift away, some might crash their cars, some
    may end up in a landfill somewhere, such a loss. We do have guardian angels
    watching over us. They are sneaky scumbags, learn some lessons from them
    and do the same, late at night if you do not use your car, most likely you
    will not be followed, 24/7 surveillence takes manpower and time, use it
    against them. Put road kill in your garbage bags, even most sociopaths
    looking for information on you do not find road kill tasty. Many of them
    eat in the finest places, let them know that a dead skunk is their best
    friend; or alive, it is your choice. If they are really hungry, they will
    eat it.

  4. 弘代 hiroyo 岡崎 okazaki says:

    I am a victim of organized stalkers.
    I want to know stalker collective organization of Japan and the United
    States is whether the together.

  5. Danish Mail says:

    The Campaign USA-Denmark
    Since April 2011 the organized stalkers that Torben Falholt and Robert
    Trent Jones II friends and mistress arranged a campaign on her ex-boyfriend
    Jason’s with the purpose of embarrassing him via character assassination
    and with the goal of ruining his life has cost Jason with the loss of 3
    years of work an estimated minimum of $240.000 and much valuable time away
    from his children in Denmark where the stalking campaign had followed Jason
    in November 2011 until his return to Fort Lauderdale Florida in February
    2012 where the campaign continues until today. This campaign went out and
    over his children of 4 and his ex-wife in Denmark. This campaign cost Jason
    his career capabilities.
    What they do: Internationally
    Owed to me: 3 years lost pay do to this stalking campaign. Min $240.000
    This a Cyber stalking/Organized stalking campaign paid for by Robert Trent
    Jones Jr. of Palo Alto California, and a Torben Falholt of Hellerup Denmark
    for the purpose of destroying the TI Jason’s life. This has been verified
    with the results of 2 separate investigations and a lot of evidence.
    Their Method (In Short):
    -They move in as close as possible and around the TI.
    -They analyze the TI for a while to learn them.
    -They figure out his habits and schedule.
    -They figure out how and when they can enter his/her home.
    -They know the TI’s timing/schedule as to know how long they have to enter
    the TI’s home to plant and maintain their devices for surveillance on the
    TI. With their team they setup a lookout. In this case a front and back
    lookout. They use cams for this purpose as well setup around the TI’s home
    and along/pointing onto the street. They use latex gloves for protection as
    not to leave fingerprints. If they can get hold of a key they will. In this
    case they have many keys to most doors at the TI address.
    -They monitor the TI.
    -With the use of hidden cams and FM transmitters they do their monitoring.
    -With the advent and cheap sale of directed voice/sound devices such as
    HyperSonic™ Sound Technology or Holosonic’s Audio Spotlight, they make sure
    the TI hears what they want the TI to hear. Psychologically proven, this
    would eventually drive the TI to think he/she is insane (schizophrenia)
    -They do the aforementioned with the use of the cams and FM transmitters to
    track and follow the TI inside and then comment on what the TI is doing or
    has said/been talking about. This could be a conversation internally, or a
    tele conversation as well. They make sure the TI can hear what they are
    saying as to sensitize the TI and make him/her aware they are being watched.
    -They get access to vehicles the TI has access to. They plant various
    devices such as GPS tracking, voice and video transmitters. They monitor
    all the TI’s movements by tracking and following the TI as to keep constant
    watch on the TI.
    -They use handheld radios locally to communicate with each other about the
    TI. On the road it’s with mobile telephones.
    -They use the above mentioned for the purpose of character assassination by
    showing publicly the TI’s private life aka “The Truman Show”.
    -With the use of “Kali” they monitor and control ALL of the TI’s
    pc/computer activity. They setup servers for ex. MiTM server to do this.
    Refer to “Kali Cookbook” for some examples. Also with a program in “Kali”
    named “Gerix”, they will catch Wi-Fi passwords. At first I thought they
    used Reaver Pro, but soon after a bystander/perp made me aware they were
    using Gerix which is a program within the Kali DVD.
    -If they have the knowledge they will configure a Windows executable to be
    a RAT (Remote access Trojan) that bypasses all antivirus detection. In this
    case they used “CypherX Pro” which is the best as of today. They created a
    package and planted it in my computer. With this they give themselves full
    administrative access to the computer it has been injected into.
    -They monitor all of the TI’s telephone traffic. This includes mobile
    phones as proven by the perp referred to as “Rob”. They control this as
    well they do filtering.
    -If the TI were to move they would follow and continue their campaign on
    the TI at the new location. In my case it was Denmark at various locations.
    With my talk of wanting to go to my father’s up in New York the perps were
    very happy as the plan was to follow me there. It was mentioned that if it
    were NYC that they would never find me there. (Idea?)
    -They are very well financed to do these campaigns involving travel,
    shelter, tech purchases, and bystander/perp payoffs. In my case they did 2
    trips with me to and from Fort Lauderdale – Denmark.
    -The goal of the Organized Stalking control is to have complete control
    over the TI’s personal, business, financial, family well being and to
    eventually drive the TI insane. Again, they are paid to do this to the TI
    as such was/is the case with me.
    The final goal is to convince the general public that the TI is crazy as to
    be able to falsify any claims or accusations the TI might make to the
    authorities about what’s been happening to him/her. This is where they
    might use the cammed video recordings to show the local authorities as to
    justify their defense. For ex. me shouting from the balcony towards them or
    the “Directed Audio” (For ex. “Audio spotlight”). They want the TI not to
    be able to retain work as to make the TI poor/broke. With that they want
    the TI to become homeless. With the character assassination, they want the
    TI to have no friends, lose friends, family trust, etc. Being this was done
    internationally where I was residing N. Sjaelland and Fort Lauderdale, the
    only conclusion is as above, with the inclusion of hopes from their part
    for my possible suicide.
    What I have learned:
    Technologies they have discussed and use as of today which I originally
    knew nothing about until they talked about it.
    Cyber stalking methods (Mentioned loudly from 3220 Bayview Drive #101, and
    past #202, #303)(#101 moved to 2841 NE 33rd Court, and new people from
    Denmark and USA in #101 as of today.
    ———————- Tools for fulfilling the cyber part of their
    campaign originate for the most part from a freely downloadable DVD image
    of “Kali Linux” which consists of a multitude of various pen testing
    tools/software used for hacking and testing security on other systems.
    Originally they used Backtrack v5r3. I later learned they used methods
    described in “Kali Linux Cookbook”.
    CypherX Pro (A program used to create antivirus undetectable malicious
    software packages) to create hidden remote administration packages that
    bypass antivirus detection. Soeren Kristiansen of Klovermarksvej 21
    Helsinge Denmark and employee/consultant for 7n A/S (IT co.) in Holte
    Denmark is behind the use of this software to create the RAT pack/payloads
    remote hidden administration of computers. Soeren has worked on many
    financial systems in the past.
    Directed sound (Audio Spotlight/Voice to skull was mentioned from a
    Victoria Lavelle of 3400s Bayview Drive as 1 of the tools used) Used to
    create the illusion of audio schizophrenia. The name of this device they
    use against me is still in question.
    Hidden Wi-Fi cams and cams on sticks (Mentioned from 3400s and 3220 Bayview
    Drive #303, #101, #202 in past, #203 in past, and #311 as of present, also
    from Vandvaerksvej 2 Helsinge Denmark into Vandvaerksvej 4) What they
    recorded via hidden cams at 2801 was and is still being shown around
    Denmark. They also have a media server at 3400s for the purpose of later
    showing to bystanders of earlier events at 2801 mainly in #201, 202, and
    203. After visiting #108, I believe they have done this to every apartment
    at 2801.
    (Voyeurism of minors, my 4 children in Denmark, and my ex-wife and her
    FM Transmitters (used for eavesdropping and goes along with the videos)
    GPS Tracking and voice recording (Mentioned from 3220 Bayview Drive #101
    Fort Lauderdale Florida, and talked about on walks from 3220 to 3400s
    Bayview Drive Fort Lauderdale Florida where the perps do most of their
    viewing and work (both addresses).
    Radiation device (?) They have been noted as pointing something at me while
    I am sleeping.
    Social Media “Facebook” They get hold of your site passwords with their
    hacks (f.ex using Kali). They go through your friends list and do social
    damage. In this case it includes my family.
    Character Assassination They use all of the above mentioned technologies to
    do public character assassination .
    Handheld CB radio’s A tool they use when communicating about the victim
    locally. They use these for their 24 hour watches on the victim. In my case
    between 3400s Bayview Drive and 3220 Bayview Drive in Fort Lauderdale.

    They upload videos to sites like Vimeo and YouTube for others to view the
    TI as in the “Truman Show”.
    They record all of the victims every day to a server local to the victim
    that others can login to to view earlier events of the victim.

    On top of everything mentioned above…1 of the main perps (Donald Nadel)
    pays the rent for the 2 girls living downstairs in apt#101 for the purpose
    of their campaign! He is close friends with my ex-girlfriend Bettina
    Schrickel’s sugar daddy Robert Trent Jones II who is paying for 1/2 of the
    Also, my daughter who is from Denmark, her “best friend” flew in from
    Denmark to Fort Lauderdale and has been hired by the Danish team here in
    Fort Lauderdale to be part of the campaign! Her name is Signe Rasmussen.
    That’s how low they go. She has been living here for a while now…right
    across the street from me at 3220 Bayview Drive!
    And while I’m at it, my ex-wife’s next door neighbor’s daughter (Anne-Lise
    Jorgensen) flew in in 2011 from Denmark and left December 2013 for the same
    purpose. At the time she was staying across the street at 3220 Bayview
    And!, my old backdoor neighbor Soeren Kristiansen did the same. He comes
    and goes and was 1 of the original perps/stalkers that had a lot to do with
    the whole campaign! This sh*t is f*ckin wild! He too was staying across the
    street at 3220 Bayview Drive!I
    With them knowing that I know the above facts, they persist in saying that
    “He’s crazy”
    What do you think?

  6. Dan Williams says:

    Not as bad as in the past, a certain group of people who work at night will
    come into a casino when there is not much going on and sit directly behind
    me in a restaurant, last night one was on my tail, whether purposeful or
    just in a hurry, I had the flash up on my camera and turned around and took
    his picture, He could not wait to get around me and get out of there. They
    know who they are, their employer has the fancy cars and the watercooled
    harley, yelled at me when I tried to get a job there. 

  7. ReviewCam . says:

    This is COINTELPRO 2.0 and operated by one or many of the federal
    government’s intelligence agencies, combined with local LEOs, paid
    informants, and civilian snitches. Anyone can file a suspicious activity
    report with a fusion center and viola, you’re watch listed as a suspected
    terrorist. You might even be singled out for overt extreme harassment such
    as gang stalking.

  8. Mad Max says:

    Be extremely nice around everybody around you and always smile. To fight
    back get a light dazzler or a nausea ray gun to shoot at cars and
    helicopters but keep it hidden so you yourself don’t get caught, write down
    license plate numbers and tell anonymous tips to cops they are trying to
    lure children near elementary schools with candy or dealing drugs, get a
    Quwave electronic defender instead taking pills, post their license plates
    onine on alternative news sites comment boards so others know, tell the
    local law enforcement through anon tip sites of the closet masonic lodges
    are running drugs to others nationwide, try to record as much as you can
    and send it to infowars explaining what the NSA is doing other then
    recording telephone calls when they have video contests so there is a venue
    to expose it for more to see regardless if Alex Jones is COINTPRO. You
    can’t prove it but you can fight back. Also go around and meet your
    neighbors asking if they’ve heard about the new tactic that gang bangers
    are using not saying it’s cops and also tell everyone around you to google
    Bill Cooper predicts school shootings saying it’s about gang stalking,
    bombard mainstream websites with Bill Cooper’s quote that predicts school
    shootings everytiime their is a shooting exploited in the news with the
    definition of gang stalking. Also some are the SInola Cartel who does
    business with the feds since Fast & Furious so post that everywhere since
    they have turf wars with the Zetas. Just realize don’t go crazy when they
    try to make it worse it’s better.

  9. OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity says:

    There are some Rumors that Dr David Pozner is dead though i couldn’t find
    evidence for the same in the net , i think his Targeting has stopped and he
    has stopped his Activism on the net. His Videos will continue to inspire
    TIs all over the world

  10. Susan Bouchier says:
  11. Tracy Dracona says:
  12. Dan Williams says:
  13. BILL RANDALL says:

    I have a R F I D (INVOLUNTARY ) chip in me I was taken to the hospital
    and had this chip put in me and labeled paranoid and delusional. I am a
    whistle blower on the united states naval base.I HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO
    WILLIAM RANDALL PHONE # 4013082316 homeless

  14. Petia Ganeva says:

    Target Advice: Dr. Pozner on Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized
    Harassment (Mirror)

  15. Petia Ganeva says:

    Target Advice: Dr. Pozner on Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Organized
    Harassment (Mirror)

  16. CJ Swany says:

    Gang stalking is real & happens to me 24/7/365 since at least 1998. “The
    powers that be” & their minions who are enlightened to the ubersurveillance
    abilities are culpable because I caught them red-handed in Las Vegas, NV
    committing misconduct on me everywhere. I’ll soon finish a time-line of
    incidents w/ proof to show prosecutors, file complaints & start
    investigations & get criminal charges filed on guilty entities/persons.
    I’ll hope for convictions & pursue remuneration for damage/loss to me.

  17. Donna MacCrossan says:

    Great video and just subbed to you. I have watched many videos yesterday by
    Dr. John Hall about this too and Minister Paul from CA just uploaded a
    video about him being targeted.

  18. UnoRaza Back Up says:

    “Gang Sytalking” is from Jewish “communism”, is driven by Masonry! See
    “Stasiland” at 12:30 forward for “Destroying a Soul of a Communist Target”.
    If you thought “Reds under the bed” were ‘paranoids’ WATCH THIS!

  19. StalkinVictim says:

    in my case and I bet in most if not all others the cops are behind it. the
    way the laws are now if they think you are guilty of something they can
    actually start circulating you as a suspect (sayign where you live and what
    you look like )and get these mindless zombies to stalk you.

  20. Michele Tittler says:

    I am being stalked by a gang of Canadian aboriginals whom have become
    “cyber rapists” targeting me to harass, intimidate, threaten my life,
    threaten gang rape, threaten my aging parents and kids, putting up Facebook
    sites to attack me, websites just to attack me, putting up photos of me
    that they do disgusting things to, stealing my company name and logos,
    defacing them, lying about me, doing everything they can to ruin my life.
    This aboriginal gang are diseased, obsessed cyber stalking rapists.

  21. Nizin Lopez says:

    Thank you for posting this excellent video. Please watch my YouTube video :
    Gang stalking in Miami Fla by Mr NIZIN LOPEZ part I.

  22. DMXtra says:

    Hello Dr. Pozner. I’m a Victim of Covert abuse, Gangstalking and Mind
    control, I suffer a huge host of problems and pains from these Directed
    Energy Weapons. I don’t have much and feel trapped as I’ve been a victim
    for over a decade trying to cope. I have made a website about being a
    Targeted Individual: targetedIndividualsUA (DOT) weebly (DOT) com/ I need
    to find a way to stop them. They’re in my thoughts, blocking, interjecting
    and tracking me. I just want to live my life free any advise?

  23. Bobstansfield says:

    The Organized Stalkers rule by fear. Don’t be afraid of them, just ignore
    them! Also, when being followed by Organized Stalking in vehicles, drive a
    little bit under the speed limit…this drives the perps absolutely nuts
    because they want a terrified rabbit to chase around. Drive in a perfectly
    legal way, but drive in chaotic directions that make no sense, like going
    around the block a few times…slowly, and you will get rid of most of your